We deliver clear results for Canadian film, television, and music clients in publicity and personal branding by harnessing your unique qualities, unleashing your potential, and getting you noticed in authentic and lasting ways.

Our approach can be summed up in three words:

Individuality. Engagement. Impact.

We discover the individuality in every client. We want to know what makes you special, where you want to be in your industry marketplace, and what it will take to reach your long-term goals in the most honest, authentic, and realistic way.

We develop engagement strategies that will connect you with your target audience by presenting you as an authority in your industry. By being unique and inclusive to the largest possible audience, your brand will stay authentic to its core and connect with a specific audience that is eager to discover you.

With engagement between a brand and an audience comes impact. As an industry authority, your brand will encourage an organic response from your audience to build trust, loyalty, and revenue. By continually treating your brand and your audience with respect and value, your levels of engagement and overall impact can continue to grow.

This strategy is the cornerstone of what we do and it has proven to be been a successful model for each and every client we have had the pleasure of working with.

“I have always believed that as people, we naturally gravitate towards people who inspire us and who lead with authority.

You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, impression, and influence on people through your passion, knowledge, and abilities. In working together, you can find the root of your authentic inspiration and become an authority.”

Jasper Anson – Managing Director

Jasper Anson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Victoria as well as dual certification in Business Writing/Marketing Communications/Public Relations and Technical Communications from Simon Fraser University.

He became self-employed in 2005 to provide marketing and communications services, but his own interest in entertainment guided him into that sector, where he has remained ever since.

While growing his own business locally, Jasper became an entertainment and lifestyle correspondent for AskMen for over four years, writing over 500 articles for a monthly average readership of 12 million unique visitors. This experience helped him to develop an intuitive understanding of big-scale entertainment branding, media influence, and the value of publicity.

In 2011, Jasper refined his focus towards publicity, marketing, and personal branding services for clients in music, film, television, music, lifestyle, and business. Through his own company, now known as NovaCurrent Public Relations, he deliver public relations, marketing, and branding initiatives with relevance, clarity and long-term impact.

As a direct result of his work, Jasper’s clients have earned over 300 press placements from online, print, radio, and television outlets from local and national media across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa, and Halifax.

In the music industry, Jasper currently serves on the Board of Directors for the BC Country Music Association and is also a three-time award nominee. Additionally, he has been a FACTOR juror and is a member of the Canadian Country Music Association and Music BC.

In 2019, he was nominated for Publicist of the Year by the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards.