“Since 2007, Jasper Anson of NovaCurrent Creative Solutions has authored entertainment, business, and lifestyle content for AskMen, which has an audience of approximately 20 million readers per month.

In contributing feature articles and copy for company branding and promotional projects, Jasper has repeatedly demonstrated his understanding of AskMen’s needs as a client. His articles are tailored to our audience and he has tracked the performance of his work and made appropriate adjustments to increase its reach and value. In the case of sponsored articles, he has shown a sensitivity to the wishes of the sponsor while delivering work that also appeals to AskMen readers.

Above all, Jasper has proven himself to be a reliable contributor, as he can take on a considerable load but he always delivers on time. He can be trusted to come through in a pinch, and he rarely turns down an assignment. His wide range of interests, combined with his experience in business, have made him a very well-rounded contributor who “gets” what we are looking for and delivers just that.” – Emma McKay, Managing Editor, AskMen


Project Background:
Jasper Anson of NovaCurrent Creative Solutions was hired by AskMen in 2007 to author content in the areas of entertainment, business, and lifestyle.

From August of 2007 until December of 2011, he wrote over 500 articles while participating in other areas under the umbrella of the company’s overall branding and content development.

Project Highlights: