Our approach can be summed up in three words:

Individuality. Engagement. Impact.

We discover the individuality in every client. We want to know what makes you special, where you want to be in your industry marketplace, and what it will take to reach your long-term goals in the most honest, authentic, and realistic way.

We develop engagement strategies that will connect you with your target audience by presenting you as an authority in your industry. By being unique and inclusive to the largest possible audience, your brand will stay authentic to its core and connect with a specific audience that is eager to discover you.

With engagement between a brand and an audience comes impact. As an industry authority, your brand will encourage an organic response from your audience to build trust, loyalty, and revenue. By continually treating your brand and your audience with respect and value, your levels of engagement and overall impact can continue to grow.

This strategy is the cornerstone of what we do and it has proven to be been a successful model for our entertainment, lifestyle, and corporate clients alike.



Branding Services

  • Brand discovery reports to define and develop a personal brand.
  • Social media guides, covering keypoints and client-specific strategies for each major social media platform.
  • WordPress website development to match the specific brand directives for each client.

Publicity Services

  • Local and national outreach to television, print, online, and radio media outlets in North America.
  • Press package creation, including press release and campaign-specific biography.
  • Media follow-ups and interview scheduling.
  • Ongoing interview training and feedback.
  • Press event coordination and management.
  • Specific publicity campaigns and ongoing representation.

Marketing Services

  • Marketing plans.
  • Project proposals.
  • E-Newsletter content development.
  • FACTOR grant applications.
  • Media and corporate sponsorship acquisitions.
  • Advertorial and advertisement creation.